Robert (Bob) Wipf

Vice President - Exploration

Mr. Robert A. Wipf is Vice President Exploration of Beryl Oil and Gas, LP since November 2016.

He most recently served as Exploration Manager at Reliance Energy, Inc from August 2013 to November 2016. He started his career at Getty Oil Research in Houston for 4 years working on projects using remote sensing, core studies in California, and doing log analysis for projects in West Texas, Offshore California, and Offshore Nigeria. He then was transferred to the Midland District covering the northern Delaware Basin and performing log analysis on all significant wells in the Permian Basin for 3 years before being promoted to Lead Exploration Geologist for the Denver District. Work at Denver included log analysis, preparing exploration budget, and calculating the geologic reserves for the district. In July 1982, he joined Wagner & Brown as a geologist covering the Permian, Michigan, and Rocky Mountain Basins. He also covered the Paris Basin and performed log analysis on all Wagner and Brown wells. In January 2010 he was promoted to Exploration Manager, a position he held until he left to Join Reliance Energy.

 Mr. Wipf received his Bachelor of Science Geology degree in June 1970 and his Masters Geology degree in August 1973 From the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is a member of West Texas Geological Society.